Screen Wire

Screen Wire is a high-tensile product primarily used in the quarrying and mining industries for the production of woven screen mesh. Being used in such severe applications, the product must be able to withstand both the required amount of crimping in manufacture and the impact and abrasion experienced in use. Liberty Steel Screen Wire has been developed and refined over many decades to ensure a consistent and reliable product.

Diameter Tolerances

Nominal Diameter Tolerance
Less than 1.60mm +/- 0.02mm
Above and equal to 1.60mm less than 2.00mm +/- 0.03mm
Above and equal to 2.00mm less than 3.15mm +/- 0.04mm
Above and equal to 3.15mm less than 6.30mm +/- 0.05mm
Above and equal to 6.30mm less than 9.00mm +/- 0.06mm
9.00mm and above +/- 0.08mm

Tensile Strength (MPa)

Tensile strength is the maximum load achieved in a tensile test divided by the cross-sectional area of the wire test piece. Liberty Steel produces a variety of tensile ranges for Screen Wire, but all fall within the range of 1000–1800MPa. The typical tensile range for any product is 300MPa (e.g. 1200/1500MPa).

Steel chemistry

Liberty Steel uses a variety of steel grades to achieve the tensile specifications for Screen Wire and carbon content is varied to achieve the desired result.

Element %
Carbon 0.28/0.70
Phosphorus 0.03max
Manganese 0.60/0.80
Silicon 0.15/0.35
Sulphur 0.03max