PVC Coated Chain Mesh Wire

Liberty Steel's PVC Coated Chain Mesh Wire has been specifically developed to suit the majority of chain mesh machines. Its high quality enables manufacturers to achieve higher machine efficiencies.

Chain mesh wire is used in the manufacture of woven chain mesh fencing that is widely used for industrial security, tennis courts, parks and safety fences along freeways.

Liberty Steel's PVC Coated Chain Mesh Wire is available in Evergreen and Black colours applied over a galvanised wire core. Other colours can be manufactured upon enquiry.

PVC Coated Chain Mesh Wire Specifications

Diameter Tolerances

Nominal Product Diameter Actual Diameter (incl PVC)
1.57mm 2.25/2.35mm
2.00mm 2.75/2.85mm
2.20mm 2.95/3.05mm
2.50mm 3.35/3.45mm
3.15mm 4.10/4.20mm
4.00mm 5.12/5.28mm

Tensile Strength (MPa)

The tensile strength is the maximum load achieved in a tensile test divided by the cross sectional area of the wire test piece. The tensile strength range of PVC Coated Chain Mesh Wire is 380 to 500 MPa.

Steel Chemistry

The table below is indicative of steel chemistries used in our PVC Coated Wire range.

Carbon % Phosphorus % Manganese % Silicon % Sulphur %
0.06 0.04 0.5 0.15 0.04