Galvanised Wire for Mine Roof Mesh

Liberty Steel Galvanised Wire is manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 4534 – Zinc and zinc/ aluminium-alloy Coatings on Steel Wire

The metallic zinc coatings applied by the galvanising process are an effective way of combating corrosion in steel. Galvanised wire for mine roof mesh applications are available in a Standard Galvanised coating (Class W02) and Heavy Galvanised coating (Class W10). The Standard Galvanised coating is smoother, but less corrosion resistant than a Heavy Galvanised coating.

Heavy galvanised coatings are typically used in mine conditions where atmospheric corrosion is severe.

These wires have good weldability and are ideal for use in welded meshes.

Additional Information

Diameter Range: 4.00 – 6.00 mm

Coating to AS/NZS 4534

Tensile Range: 380 – 550 MPa

A range of bright, uncoated wires for Mine Roof Mesh is available upon enquiry.