BaleTite High Tensile Galvanised Baling Wire

BaleTite® Galvanised Baling Wire is a high-tensile product that is the strongest of the Liberty Steel baling wire products and features Liberty Steel's world-class galvanising technology. BaleTite is available on 1 and 1.5 tonne stems.

BaleTite® Galvanised Baling Wire has been specifically developed to meet the growing requirements of the recycling industry and all products are manufactured in Australia using world-class technology.

BaleTite is suitable for a range of recycling materials including plastics and bottles.

Liberty Steel has the ability to design a product for specific applications and has the ability to supply on-site technical support and product development. We specialise in a number of sizes and packages of Baling Wire.

Diameter Diameter Range (mm) Tensile (MPa) Min Breaking Load (kN) Length (m/kg)
2 +/-0.05 950/1150 3 40.5
2.32 +/-0.05 965/1100 4 30.1
2.71 +/-0.05 965/1100 5.6 22.1
2.95 +/-0.05 1070/1240 7.3 18.6
3.06 +/-0.05 1070/1240 7.9 17.3