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The sustainability credentials of Liberty OneSteel’s products just got better.

There are the many ways Liberty OneSteel’s products and services can help you gain more points when using national building rating tools:

Our EPDs are independently verified and registered documents that outline the environmental impact of a product throughout its lifecycle, providing transparency for better material selection. EPDs are recognised by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) and the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).

With the release of Liberty OneSteel’s EPDs, up to three additional points are now available by choosing our products for your project. Previously, our products were eligible for up to three credit points in ISCA’s IS Rating Scheme and two material credit points in the GBCA’s Green Star tool.

How can you acquire points with ISCA’s IS Rating Scheme?

There are six points available in the material category of the IS rating scheme.

Up to three of these points are awarded for reducing the lifecycle environmental impact of materials used and a further three points are available to encourage the procurement of material with environmental product labels, such as an EPD.

ISCA recognises the value of Liberty OneSteel’s third party certified EPDs, which are also compliant with EN15804.

The use of Liberty OneSteel structural steel or reinforcing products with EPDs on an infrastructure project will entitle the project to be rewarded with at least one point in this category. The IS rating scheme awards up to 3 points if there are sufficient materials with recognised EPDs, such as those associated with the Liberty OneSteel products.

How can you acquire points in the GBCA Green Star tool?

The material category in the Green Star tool aims to address consumption of resources by lowering the impact of the materials used and reducing waste. The tool consists of four material sub categories.

Liberty OneSteel’s products and services can facilitate the rewarding of points through:

  • Life cycle impacts
  • Responsible building materials
  • Sustainable products
  • Construction and demolition waste

For more details on how Liberty OneSteel’s products and services can help you achieve greater sustainability credits for your projects, download the brochure - Boost Your Project's Sustainability Rating.