Q: Where can I find sustainability information for Liberty OneSteel’s companies?
As a subsidiary of GFG Alliance, Liberty OneSteel adopts GFG Alliance’s Environmental Policy. For all Liberty OneSteel corporate governance documents, including Liberty OneSteel’s Environment Policy, refer to GFG Alliance’s ‘Corporate Governance’ information here: http://www.arrium.com/about-us/corporate-governance. GFG Alliance’s Annual Sustainability reports can be viewed here: http://www.arrium.com/sustainability/overview

Q: Why can’t I find a Liberty OneSteel Annual Sustainability Report for 2016?
An Annual Sustainability Report was not issued in 2016 due the company undergoing voluntary administration.

Q: Where can I find a copy of Liberty OneSteel’s ISO 14001 certification?
Liberty OneSteel has ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) certification for all its major steelmaking and steel manufacturing sites. Copies of the Liberty OneSteel Steel Manufacturing and Liberty OneSteel Whyalla Steelworks certificates can be downloaded from: https://www.libertyonesteel.com/about-us/accreditation/ 


Q: Is Liberty OneSteel a member of the worldsteel Climate Action programme (CAP)?
GFG Alliance is a member of the worldsteel CAP and, therefore, Liberty OneSteel is endorsed to use CAP certification. GFG Alliance’s membership credentials and a letter by GFG Alliance endorsing Liberty OneSteel’s use of the CAP certificate can be viewed here: https://www.libertyonesteel.com/about-us/accreditation/.

Q: Does Liberty OneSteel have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) available for its products?
Liberty OneSteel has EPDs available for its structural and reinforcing product ranges. These EPDs are independently verified and registered documents that outline the environmental impact of a product throughout its lifecycle, thereby providing transparency for better material selection. Liberty OneSteel’s EPDs are recognised by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) and the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).

Information on Liberty OneSteel’s EPDs and how they can be used to gain infrastructure rating tools points can be found here: https://www.libertyonesteel.com/sustainability/building-rating-tools/


Q: How can my company use Liberty OneSteel services to gain infrastructure rating tools points?
In addition to using Liberty OneSteel products, companies can utilise Liberty OneSteel services to gain infrastructure rating tools points. As well as Liberty OneSteel’s five Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), the company can assist its customers with:

  • guides and advice on design optimisation to minimise the quantity of material consumed
  • designs and products that reduce wastage, such as prefabricated reinforcing cages and mats
  • material-efficient products such as higher strength and ductile steels.

To find out more, download the Boost your Project’s Sustainability Rating brochure from here: https://www.libertyonesteel.com/sustainability/building-rating-tools/


Q: Where can I find information on Liberty OneSteel’s sustainability performance in relation to waste and water?
A: GFG Alliance reports annually on key waste minimisation projects and provides a list of major steel plant waste type by volume and destination in its Annual Sustainability Report. It also reports annually on townswater consumption by manufacturing site: http://www.arrium.com/sustainability/overview

Data relating to recycled water usage is not available as it is difficult to collect and analyse. However, details concerning particular water efficiency programs are included in the Annual Sustainability Report.

Note that water data is supplied to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). See www.cdp.net


Q: Do Liberty OneSteel products comply with the Australian Institute of Steel’s (ASI) Environmental Sustainability Charter?
The ASI’s Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) is a scheme for structural steel fabricators. As such, Liberty OneSteel manufacturing sites are ineligible to be charter members.