Image for Steel showcase: The power of steel in sustainability

The use of sustainable materials in modern Australian building construction is no longer a negotiable. Structurally efficient buildings that maximise resources and make the most of usable space now have an essential role to play in creating green cities that citizens can use now and into the future.

Steel lends itself to clever and innovative design applications by virtue of its high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning lighter foundations and structures can be delivered. The inherent versatility of steel and steel connections means steel-framed buildings can be modified and extended to suit the demands of users. And steel offers efficiencies long after a building has been completed because it delivers exceptional advantages in terms of building maintenance and operation.

Proving that steel is the sustainable building material of choice for modern builders, each of the following Australian projects has been lauded for its use of sustainable materials and best-practice construction methods. Each has received at least a 5 Star Green Star Design and/or As Built rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and all have utilised structural steel as a credit towards that recognition.

Here are just a few exceptional examples of the way in which steel has been used to propel innovation and sustainability in construction.