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We don’t compromise on safety.

Nothing is more important to Liberty than seeing its employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors go home safely each day.

Liberty is committed to achieving world-class safety across its operations and its products.

Central to Liberty's core value of Family is that we maintain a work culture with a safety vision of Goal Zero zero work-related incidents, injuries or illnesses for people on OneSteel-managed sites and members of the public directly involved with Liberty.

Goal Zero is a common commitment that we have to work in a way that keeps ourselves and others free from injury because we care. We value Goal Zero deeply because we understand the impact an injury can have on our fellow workmates, our partners, our children, ourselves and our way of life. 

Our aim is that all of our national employees hold a personal belief in Goal Zero, applying it equally at home and at work. Achieving this vision requires a commitment from each of us to look out for each other each day.

We manage policy implementation, facilitate stakeholder understanding and are committed to continual policy maintenance and improvement.

We practice due diligence and apply standards that reflect our commitment to workplace health and safety. This includes compliance with health and safety laws, regulations and standards.

We go beyond regulations by establishing and monitoring company performance targets to continually improve. We take into account evolving community expectations and management practices.

We continue to review our safety management performance and monitors overarching trends. This encompasses regular audits of work health and safety management systems to effectively implement and maintain its policy. These actions identify improvement opportunities and help to effect positive change.

We don’t compromise on safety.