Q: Where can I find information on Hot Rolled Structural sections (UBs, UCs, PFCs and angles)?
A: Information on OneSteel’s range of Hot Rolled Structural sections is contained in our Hot Rolled and Structural Steel Products catalogue. The latest (7th) edition is available as a PDF only and can be downloaded here: https://www.onesteel.com/media/1852/7th-ed_hotrolledcat_web-1.pdf


Q: Where can I find information on Pipe and Tube sections (SHS, RHS and CHS) and Cold Formed open sections (channels and angles)?
A: Information on OneSteel’s range of Pipe and Tube sections and Cold Formed open sections is contained in our Austube Mills Product Availability Guide. Download a copy here: http://www.austubemills.com.au/uploads/resources/Austube-Mills_Prod_Avail_Guide_20June16.pdf


Q: Where can I find OneSteel’s Structural Steel products in spreadsheet form?
A: It’s possible to export property data from a OneSteel product catalogue so it can be viewed as a spreadsheet. Simply download a PDF of the catalogue, open it in your PDF reader and use its ‘Save as other’ or ‘Export to Excel’ capability as relevant and if this capability is available in your version. Download a copy of the catalogue here: https://www.onesteel.com/media/1852/7th-ed_hotrolledcat_web-1.pdf


Q: Does the AS/NZS 3679.1 rolled-in mark need to be on both sides of a Universal Beam?
A: AS/NZS 3679.1 doesn’t stipulate where the rolled-in mark needs to be positioned on a beam. It’s generally placed on one side of the web or on one flange, not both.  However, it needs to be no more than 4m apart, so a 4m-plus long beam should have at least one rolled-in mark on it somewhere, i.e. on either the web or flange.  OneSteel Universal Beams have the rolled-in mark on the web, although some manufacturers place it on the outside of the flange. 


Q: What are the tolerances for specified dimensions using Hot Rolled Structural steel?
A: OneSteel manufactures sections to comply with AS/NZS 3679.1:2016, which provides details for all permitted tolerances. You can find more information on the Standards Online website: www.saiglobal.com/online 


Q: What are the details of the radii on the milled flanges of all Universal Sections (UCs) from 200UC46 up to 310UC158?
A: OneSteel’s Universal Sections are produced with a nominal radius of 0mm on the edges. They are nominally a right-angle edge with no prescribed radii.