Q: Where can I download software to design composite beams?
A: CompSoft is a suite of composite software that assists in the design of composite concrete and steel beams using OneSteel’s range of Hot Rolled sections to Australian Standard AS 2327.1. You can register to download the software here: http://www.onesteel.com/compsoft


Q: How do I obtain the security code for Composite Analysis Software?
A: The latest version of CompSoft does not require a security code. You just need to download CompSoft from our website and install it on a computer running Microsoft Excel 2010 or more recent.


Q: Where can I access CAD drawings of the cross-sections for OneSteel structural steel products?
A: Cross-sections of OneSteel’s Hot Rolled Structural steel products are available and can be downloaded here: https://www.onesteel.com/resources/tools-and-software/design-software/cad-drawings/ 


Q: Where can I access software that designs steel members to AS 4100?
A: CHECKSTEEL, written by Revolutio, designs OneSteel Hot Rolled sections to the Australian Standard for Steel Structures – AS 4100. The full version of CHECKSTEEL is available for purchase directly from Revolutio. A copy of the evaluation version can be downloaded here: www.onesteel.com/checksteel


Q: How can I access STEEL 41 software for AS 4100?
A: OneSteel offers an evaluation version of CHECKSTEEL which, like its predecessor STEEL41, checks steel designs to AS 4100. CHECKSTEEL can be downloaded free of charge here: www.onesteel.com/checksteel


Q: Where can I find OneSteel’s Structural Steel products in spreadsheet form?
A: It’s possible to export property data from a OneSteel product catalogue so it can be viewed as a spreadsheet. Simply download a PDF of the catalogue, open it in your PDF reader and use its ‘Save as other’ or ‘Export to Excel’ capability as relevant and if this capability is available in your version. Download a copy of the catalogue here: https://www.onesteel.com/media/1852/7th-ed_hotrolledcat_web-1.pdf