There are 3 great reasons why you should always look for this symbol whenever you're purchasing reinforcing accessories.

These accessories are made from recycled material


Whenever you see the triangular recycling symbol on our accessories you know that the product was made from recycled materials. The plastics and metals that are used in the production of these products are reducing our overall reliance on raw materials and the amount of plastic and metal in landfill operations across the country. Recycled products also generally use less energy to produce and therefore reduce the amount of emissions from the production of these products. So, in using recycled materials we are helping to prevent environmental damage both on land and within the air that we breathe which will give you the piece of mind you need on your next job.





They're Australian made

Australian Made

Our accessories that have this mark are made right here in Australia, which lets you know that technical help or the availability of parts with any of these products is close to hand. With local production and a shorter supply chain it means that lead times are generally shorter and production volumes can be more easily modified. 

Buying locally made goods is also a great way to support the employment of your friends and family on the local community. For more information on Australian Made please click here 





They're made to the highest standards 

Because you want the job done right the first time, every time, we ensure that our accessories are subject to the highest of manufacturing standards. When you buy products that have this mark you know that they are going to perform the way you expects. Buying high quality reliable product gives you more time to focus on the jobs that need to get done because you know you can depend on their performance.

When we manufacture with ISO 9001 we are working to continually improve the quality of our products to better meet and satisfy the needs of our customers.