CompSoft 2019 – Composite Beam Analysis Software

This suite of Composite Analysis Software is a useful set of tools to assist in the design of composite steel and concrete floors. It consists of: 

CompPanel v2.4 ­– Analyses composite floor beams using COMPBEAM to AS2327.1:2003
CompPen v1.8 – Checks the adequacy of composite beams with web penetrations.

To access this suite of composite beam software 

  1. You will need to register for the software
  2. After registration you will be emailed a link to download CompSoft.exe
  3. Complete the registration below and submit.

Users must also have MS Excel 2010 (or later versions) installed on their computers with a Windows Operating System. 

The default settings in the Microsoft Office Trust Centre must be adjusted for the software to run in Excel 2010 and later.

Register here to download the software.

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