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REIDBAR™ Starter Bar Systems have been developed to provide full strength and positive connections between precast concrete panels, floor slabs and in situ suspended floors. Available in 12, 16, 20 and 25 mm diameters, and standard lengths of 6 or 12 m. The REIDBAR™ Starter Bar system comprises REIDBAR™ Threaded Inserts, REIDBAR™ Starter Bars and specially designed chairs, plates and caps. REIDBAR™ Starter Systems are purpose-designed and offer speed of setup and installation.


500PLUS® REIDBAR™ Charlotte Apartments QLD

Charlotte Towers 416 apartments in Brisbane's CBD required the 500PLUS® REIDBAR™ system for a variety of connection details throughout the project including slab to core, slab to column connections and slab penetrations

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