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REIDBAR™ is suitable for civil construction solutions and is ideal for beams, columns, slab to slab, core wall and beam to slab applications and can be cut and joined together at any point without loss of strength. No special tools are necessary to tighten REIDBAR™ components.
NOTE: OneSteel Reinforcing does not recommend REIDBAR™ for formwork use.

Associated standards: 
AS/NZS 4671 : 2001 Steel reinforcing materials
AS 3600 : 2009 Concrete structures
AS/NZS 1554.3 : 2008 Part 3: Welding of reinforcing steels

500PLUS® REIDBAR™ Overview Video

500PLUS® REIDBAR is a hot-rolled continuously threaded steel reinforcing bar and coupler system which can be cut and joined at any point greatly improving steel flexibility that is suitable for commercial and civil construction solutions.