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POOLSTEEL® has been specifically developed for use in concrete swimming pools.  OneSteel Reinforcing’s 250S Grade 12 mm POOLSTEEL® is a ductile, high strength steel that can be bent on-site for design flexibility. POOLSTEEL® is widely preferred by pool builders around Australia and is compliant with AS/NZS 4671 : 2001 Steel reinforcing materials.

Associated standards:
AS/NZS 4671 : 2001 Steel reinforcing materials
AS 3600 : 2009 Concrete structures
AS 3735 : 2001 Concrete structures for retaining liquids
AS 2783 : 1992 Use of reinforced concrete for small swimming pools.

POOLSTEEL® Overview Video

POOLSTEEL® from OneSteel Reinforcing is a special grade of steel specifically developed for use in concrete swimming pools. It’s more ductile and flexible making it easier for pool builders to bend and shape for maximum design flexibility, without compromising on strength.

POOLSTEEL® - L and V Pools, QLD

As one of the largest pool builders on the Gold Coast specialising in concrete pools, L & V Pools have been dealing with OneSteel Reinforcing for over 18 years and find POOLSTEEL® to be the best quality grade steel reinforcing for concrete swimming pools

POOLSTEEL® - Reliance Pools, NSW

When it comes to building pools that are designed a little different, Reliance Pools rely on POOLSTEEL® from OneSteel Reinforcing. Its strength, and easy to bend and shape characteristics make POOLSTEEL® the preferred choice