KINGFLOR® is a traditional flat pan or 're-entrant' steel composite formwork system that provides unmatched performance in suspended concrete slabs in residential, multi-level carparks, buildings and shopping centres. KINGFLOR® is stronger than similar decks due to the patented ReLok corner embossments, which develops a strong mechanical interlock with concrete slabs. KINGFLOR® products available include RF55®, KF57 and KF70 and in widths of 300 mm and 600 mm, and heights of 55 mm, 57 mm and 70 mm. 

Associated Standards:
AS 3600 : 2009 Concrete structures
AS/NZS 1170 : 2002 Structural design actions
AS 1397 Grade G550, Z350
AS 2327.1 : 2003 Composite structures - Simply supported beams
AS/NZS 4600 : 2005 Cold-formed steel structures
AS 3610 : 1995 Formwork for concrete