The choice of leading builders and concreters across Australia. A ONESLAB® package provided by Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing saves money, labour and greatly contributes to the efficiency of developing your next housing slab.


Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing’s Waffle Slab and Slab-on-Ground packages provide a fixed square metre price to builders, developers and concreters, giving them greater control over costs and reduces on-site labour requirements.


This is because ONESLAB® from Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing is a complete package with everything needed to set up your next slab. As the ONESLAB® package is delivered to site, there’s no downtime for workmen waiting for multiple deliveries, adding to productivity and profit.

ONESLAB® Packages both Waffle Slab Packages and Slab-On-Ground Packages.

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Polystyrene pods work as voids, reducing the amount of concrete required. They create a strong, rigid network of interlocking reinforced concrete beams and slab.

The Waffle Slab package includes:

Where a conventional Slab-on-Ground is desired, Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing offer a cost-effective package which includes everything needed to construct the concrete slab,

For sites with unusual or difficult ground conditions, Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing can prefabricate specified footing cages using a combination of mesh, REBAR and ribbed wire.