Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing has a long record of innovation in improving logistics and on-site deliveries.  Being the first reinforcing business to introduce Hiabs across our fleets, introducing SWL rated fitment bins or initiating safety initiatives to ensure loads are lifted safely, you can rely on Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing to always be striving to improve our logistics and delivery management.

All products that leave our sites are clearly tagged to ensure you can readily identify what products are being delivered and where they will be placed. All reinforcing bars are bundled in a way that helps to minimise the amount of handling on site.

Logistics management

We look at the details such as how prefab elements need to be lifted and handled, have lifting points certified, do loads need to be pre-slung before they leave the yard and if so, where?  With a varied truck fleet, we can also ensure that we deliver products on a truck that best suits the access you have on tour site.

A number of our larger bar processing sites also load directly on to SWL rated ‘containers’ which can be loaded in a manner that can allow the minimising of lifts of our truck, thus allowing you to maximise the use of your cranes and speed up unloading.

Delivery and bundling

With over 33 sites around Australia, we can, on most occasions deliver directly to you. If we are not in area, we will usually have supply partners who will be able to deliver your reinforcing requirements.

Different lengths and shapes of reinforcing bars can often be confusing when they are delivered to site.  We ensure that schedules with all the bar markings along with clear marking plans accompany our processed bar deliveries, to ensure you can easily identify and fix the steel we deliver to you.

Our customers call on us to solve their problems, not create them. Our team take no chances on safety and we ensure our onsite and product handling safety procedures align with yours to eliminate confusion and minimise risk.

To discuss any of these options further please click here and contact your local branch.