Providing reinforcing steel to a site that is fit for purpose can appear simpler than what it actually is. All reinforcing steels need to meet various Australian Standards in terms of both their mechanical properties as well the tolerances they are cut and bent to. Our ACRS certification is your guarantee that what we supply to your project meets all relevant Australian Standards and is fit for purpose.  This also applies to galvanising of any reinforcing materials as they are also subject to Australian Standards.

Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing also has the industry’s largest range of mechanical splicing systems. Contact us to discuss which system may be most appropriate for your next project.

Cutting, bending and galvanising

All reinforcing bar cut and bent by Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing is processed to the appropriate tolerances as per AS / NZS 4671 : 2001, Steel reinforcing materials and/or AS 3600 : 2009, Concrete structures. All our reinforcing mesh and wire is manufactured to AS / NZS 4671 : 2001.

Tolerance tighter than those specified in AS 3600 : 2009 are possible and may incur additional charges. Contact us if you need to discuss this for any of your projects.

Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing also partners with some of Australia’s most reputable galvanisers to ensure we can provide a high quality service that meets AS / NZS 4534 : 1998, Zinc and zinc/aluminium alloy coating on steel wire

Mechanical Splicing

Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing has the largest range of mechanical splicing products and services available. The systems that we offer include:

Reidbar® – is a 'bar break' system such that the Reidbar itself is designed to yield well before the Reidbar® connections. Reidbar® continuously threaded Grade 500N reinforcing bar is a revolutionary development in reinforcement placement and fixing which allows reinforcing to be cut at any point and screwed into one of the large variety of Reidbar® components.

Griptec® – is a full performance (tension, compression, cyclic, fatigue) mechanical splice designed for the connection of concrete reinforcing bars in sizes Ø12 through  40mm. Griptec® system is the most accomplished mechanical splice on the market: its patented extrusion process includes a systematic, non-destructive tensile test that performs a 100% check on the bar end preparation. 

BT System – designed to exceed the tensile strength for reinforcing bars to AS 3600: 2009 and AS 4671: 2001. The BT system is one of the smallest and the most cost-effective coupler systems when used on large scale, high coupler volume projects. The ends of the bars are enlarged and a parallel thread is cut onto the ends to suit the threaded coupler.

Lenton® System – is a unique self-aligning taper thread mechanical splice design  that provides  continuity and structural integrity. Minimal "slip" and excellent cyclic performance. Quick and easy to install, Lenton®  System  provides  a full load transfer with full strength in tension, compression and stress reversal applications.


Please contact one of our engineers for more information on these products.