At Liberty Reinforcing we believe there are three key things steel reinforcing customers need.

First, they need to believe in the technical advice from their supplier. Second, they need to believe in the product quality and specifications. And thirdly, customers need to be able to believe the delivery promises their supplier makes – not empty ones.

Liberty Reinforcing is best positioned in the Australian market to deliver on all these.

Why? We can draw on our 80 year history in the Australian construction industry so that our experienced technical, R&D and design experts are able to provide prompt, accurate technical advice that is based on real experience – not theories.

Added to that, our products meet all appropriate Australian Standards and have stood the test of time in our homes and pools, through to our highways, bridges and high rise constructions.

In addition to consistent quality, we have also developed unique mesh and prefabrication systems that save time on installation and enhance safety.

With more than 35 branches around Australia, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide product where and when customers need it.

Finally, in these uncertain times, customers more than ever need suppliers that are dependable; safe in the knowledge that they are here for the long haul. It’s no longer just about the product. We know customers increasingly need accurate information – from Scheduling to delivery. And all the while removing obstacles and making sure Liberty Reinforcing is easy to deal with – the way that it should be.

On September 1, 2017 OneSteel Reinforcing was acquired by GFG Alliance, an international grouping of businesses that combines some of the world’s leading industrial, natural and financial resources. Along with a name change to Liberty Reinforcing, this acquisition further strengthened our position in the Australian Steel Industry both in the short term, and well into the future. This acquisition enables Liberty Reinforcing to continue to meet our customers’ needs and add value to their construction projects.