Trak-Lok® Steel Sleeper Systems incorporate the Trak-Lok® resilient fastening system that has been developed specifically for use with steel sleepers. All LIBERTY Primary Steel sleeper systems are proudly Australian made.

Trak-Lok® sleepers tie rails together maintaining gauge and rail position while resisting lateral and longitudinal movement of the rail. The Trak-Lok® 2 resilient clip secures the rail to the sleeper in conjunction with the appropriate Trak-Lok® 'Lock In Shoulder'.

The Trak-Lok® fastening system also includes an optional range of insulation pads for various rail sizes that provide electrical insulation between rail and steel sleeper, which ensures the correct operation of track signalling and traction current return systems.

The Trak-Lok® fastening system also has a large range of spacers available to enable the use of smaller rail-in-rail seats designed for larger rail sizes that may be employed in the future.

Trak-Lok® Steel Sleepers are the result of more than 30 years of research and development. It is that commitment that enables the Trak-Lok® range of steel sleepers to be the most versatile and technically advanced today.

Sizes and Specifications

M7.5, M8.5 and M10 in Short Narrow Gauge (SNG), Narrow Gauge (NG), Standard Gauge (SG) and Broad Gauge (BG) in standard and deep end spade configurations.


Choosing Trak-Lok® Steel Sleepers means your projects benefit from quicker and lower installation costs and a reduction in the lifecycle cost of infrastructure. Investment by LIBERTY Primary Steel in the Trak-Lok® system has resulted in a range of steel sleepers to meet modern operational demands and track-laying methods. These optimise the combination of sleeper and fastening for efficient installation and minimum maintenance.

The benefits of the Trak-Lok® Steel Sleeper System are:

• Lightweight design, leading to ease of handling and reduced transport costs
• Improved track stability and, therefore, reduced maintenance
• Environmental benefits due to recycling of steel
• Well suited to turnouts because of lock-in shoulder fastening, adaptability with bolted fastening, long lengths and ease of fabrication or interspersed with timber (replacing timber) to extend track life

Steel sleepers are a cost-competitive solution for most applications. Steel sleepers also represent excellent value over the whole life of the sleeper system due to low maintenance costs.