Image for Structural Steel Framed Carparks Fire Design Guide revised

The newly revised Fire Design Guide No.1 – Steel Framed Carparks is an invaluable tool for developers, building surveyors, architects, engineers, builders and other construction practitioners by providing guidance on fire safety design for structural steel framed carparks.

A revised edition of the Fire Design Guide No. 1 – Steel Carparks has been released and is available for download from LIBERTY Steel. The new guide has undergone a major revision to suit current regulatory, design practice and building industry environments, and is prepared as part of a series of LIBERTY Steel Fire Design Guides. It aims to assist engineers, builders, developers, architects, quantity surveyors and other building construction practitioners to develop and cost preliminary designs for steel-framed carparks.

The revised guide includes extensive new materials. Most of the illustrations contained in the guide have been updated to provide readers better guidance and a clearer understanding of fire safety requirements for building design.

Inside the guide 

Since the mid-1980s, over a hundred multi-level carparks have been constructed in Australia and New Zealand using steel columns in conjunction with steel beams and reinforced concrete or composite floors. A series of regulatory changes were enacted in the 1980s and 1990s, including the first edition of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in 1988 and the BCA96 in 1996, which introduced a performance-based approach and permitted the use of bare steel in carparks located below a non-carpark in multi-classified buildings. These changes have provided a huge advantage to steel carparks by allowing the benefits of steel construction to be realised.

This Fire Design Guide aims to present in clear format:

  • the key concepts of the DTS Provisions with respect to carparks and fire resistance requirements
  • situations where bare steel can be used in carparks as a DTS Solution
  • the objectives and key Performance Requirements to satisfy when using bare steel as a Performance Solution
  • the fire engineering process for designing buildings as a Performance Solution.

This guide has been prepared to assist architects, builders, developers, engineers and other readers to better understand the requirements of the BCA and the situations where it allows bare steel in carparks as a DTS Solution. It also outlines the process of designing carparks using bare steel in other situations as a Performance Solution.

Download your copy of Fire Design Guide No. 1 – Steel Carparks.