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Your Partner in Progress

Liberty OneSteel is shaking up the construction industry with its no-nonsense and practical approach to collaboration.   

Proudly Australian, Liberty OneSteel is dedicated to accomplishing the best outcomes for Australian construction projects. Our high standards and fully integrated supply chain mean Liberty OneSteel is not just a one-off partner, but a long-term asset to all stakeholders in the construction industry.

Our company’s recent work with industry leader Meriton and its 80 Arthur Street project in North Sydney is a leading example of the potential for steel to feature in residential construction. This opportunity was built on a long-term relationship based on mutual respect, paving the way for new and innovative solutions in the Australian building sector.

Collaboration with Meriton

Meriton’s use of Liberty OneSteel products meant it could be confident in the steel it was using and its compliance with Australian Standards. Easy communication with our staff from the early design phase through to the construction phase offered valuable insights into the breadth of opportunities available by using a structural steel frame.

Liberty OneSteel’s insights are there for all of its partners to use, no matter the construction project, says Liberty OneSteel Business Development Manager David Bell. Plus, he says, our supply chain is second to none.

“Liberty OneSteel’s unique knowledge of the steel supply chain provided Meriton with the confidence that the structural steel frame would be delivered safely to the agreed schedule and budget,” Bell explains.

80 Arthur Street

Liberty OneSteel’s guidance provided Meriton with innovative steel solutions for its 80 Arthur Street project. From the beginning it worked with key personnel in the design phase to demonstrate the benefit of a structural steel frame over a traditional concrete frame.

The engineer’s first structural option was presented within a week of the initial meeting with Meriton, according to Bell, an option that took few adjustments to become the final structural selection.

As the project developed, Liberty OneSteel was committed to the on-time delivery of structural steel. For instance, it ensured the four-day floor cycle in the typical apartment floors by coordinating steel to the fabricator.

The ability to unload a large quantity of structural steel on site quickly was important because the location was constrained by two clearway roads in the morning and afternoon, so main deliveries were only possible off-peak.

Finally, the structural steel crew was only onsite around two-thirds of the time, and the decking crew onsite around half of the time. This represented a significant reduction in the onsite labour requirements for the project.

The future of residential building

 Bell is excited by what Liberty OneSteel and Meriton have achieved together and predicts the beginning of a promising new chapter in Australian building innovation.

“This is a game-changer in the Australian high-rise residential market,” he says. “No other project in Australia has used this form of construction and there are many who are looking with interest as to how it goes.”

Many tier-one developers and builders understand the advantages of this style of construction and Bell is engaged with several developers who are looking to replicate the advantages in their own projects.

It takes a partner who goes well beyond offering basic raw materials to take a project from more-of-the-same to industry-changing paradigm. Liberty OneSteel is that partner.