Truck builder forges iron clad partnership with OneSteel Metalcentre


Starting in 1985 as a three-man operation in the NSW industrial hub of Smithfield, Westrucks Bodybuilders now employs more than 45 staff and boasts a production run in excess of 400 units per year.

According to founder and Managing Director, Greg Liggins, a large part of Westrucks’ initial growth as well as its ongoing success over the past 30 years is due to their strong partnership with OneSteel Metalcentre.

“We’ve been sourcing high-quality steel products from OneSteel Metalcentre since 1985, and the partnership has remained strong ever since,” he said.

“Since we started using high quality Austube Mills steel [from OneSteel Metalcentre], the results have been successful to the point where we now use it exclusively in all our bodies.”

Thanks to the support and superior product range from OneSteel Metalcentre, Westrucks Bodybuilders has now firmly established itself as a one-stop-shop for a range of logistics and truck businesses, designing and manufacturing steel trays, flat top tippers, curtain-siders, refrigerated van bodies and a growing range of special custom bodies.

“Some of our biggest clients include freight and logistics companies, as well as many rental businesses,” Greg said.

“No rigid body is the same as the projects can vary. Some jobs may require us to build two to three units, or sometimes up to 20 rigids at a time. For the bigger freight companies, there are instances where 40 units are required inside a month.”   “It really depends on what our customers require, which will dictate the amount of steel we order from OneSteel Metalcentre.” “Because we build a range of bodies, the Austube Mills steel can be fitted to multiple sections of the body.   “For example, if we are building a flat/table top rigid, the whole deck is supported by Austube Mills’ steel tube products. All our floor plates are pre-cut, and they rarely change in terms of specs.”

“If it’s a curtain-sided rigid, the base and front of the trailer is all Austube Mills, except for the roof and curtains. In our refrigerated bodies and rigid gas tankers, we use rectangular hollow structural section (RHS) steel to build the unit’s subframe.”

Additionally, OneSteel Metalcentre’s superior quality and availability has reinforced the two companies burgeoning relationship over time.

“Quality is one of our biggest assets here at Westrucks, and that’s one area where Austube Mills, OneSteel Metalcentre and our company agree on. We know that with every shipment, we’re getting the safest and highest quality finish of structural pipe and tube steel in the market today,” he said.