Liberty OneSteel Metalcentre is now stocking DuraGal® Profiles! This is a very exciting upgrade to our range and, best of all, it still remains manufactured in Australia.

Duragal Profiles Gate DIY

In the below excerpt our Complementary Products expert provides a deeper understanding of this product and how it can save you both time and money.

What are DuraGal® Profiles?

DuraGal® Profiles are high strength roll-formed sections made from pre-coated strip with the innovative Magnelis® coating. 

Magnelis® is produced on a classic industrial hot dip galvanising line, but dipped in a molten bath with a unique metallic chemical composition of zinc with 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium. 

The 3% magnesium is crucial as it creates a stable and durable layer across the entire surface and gives a far more effective corrosion protection than coatings with a lower magnesium content.

This unique coating offers a combination of attributes. 

  • The best corrosion resistance performance; up to 10 times better than galvanised steel
  • The best suited protection to withstand harsh environments
  • The most cost-effective alternative to the post-galvanised process

What can you use them for?

Profiles can be used in just about all industries, whether it is in mining, house frames, materials handling, racking (particularly in cold rooms), access walkways, general fabrication, truck and trailer bodies or transmission towers.

How does this provide value to the end user?

Profiles save you money by removing the need for significant surface preparation. They come clean and protected. The real saving comes from reducing the paperwork and the time it takes to send out traditions mild steel sections for galvanising.

Is there any additional information you can share?

  • New sizes - We have added a number of new sizes to our range, including unequal angles.
  • Custom sizes - Because the DuraGal® Profiles are rolled in Melbourne, we have the ability to do custom profile sizes and custom lengths. Talk to your Account Manager about getting a price and lead time on that perfect profile for you – which could save you significant fabrication time.

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The above photo is a home DIY project where the customer used Duragal Channel, Duragal Flat Bar and Duragal Angle to design a modern style gate. What could you make?