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New Edition of APCC Guide

(originally published 15 December 2015)

The second edition of A Guide to Achieving Compliance was published by the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) in 2015.

The Guide is aimed at ensuring products in the building industry meet Australian building standards and provides accurate information on ‘safety critical’ products. The new edition recognises 34 industry-led product accreditation schemes and guidance information across building product categories including reinforcing and structural steel, cementitious materials for concrete and fire safety services. 

“The APCC has worked with over 40 building industry and product groups to update the original guide. The new edition acknowledges industry is working hard to ensure the products supplied to builders are fit for purpose,” said APCC Executive Director Teresa Scott. 

“Knowing the right questions to ask and what to check when products are delivered on site has become an extremely difficult task. This Guide can assist builders to understand how to get the right product for the job,” said Chair of the APCC Construction Product Quality Working Group and HIA executive director, building development and environment Kristin Brookfield. 

“The Guide also helps manufacturers and suppliers of building products understand how to test their products, correctly label them and provide the right information to show they meet the national building standards,” said Brookfield.

A copy of the Guide is available online at