Metalcentre and Cyclone link forces for Australia's farmers


As an integral part of Arrium and Australia's only truly integrated steel supplier, OneSteel Metalcentre has now added the Cyclone fencing range to its comprehensive list of rural steel products.

Long recognised as a major player in rural fencing with a proven reputation spanning many years, Cyclone’s fencing products include gates, plain and trellis wire, barbed wire, steel posts and droppers, fencing tools and accessories, as well as a range of prefabricated fencing designed to suit a wide range of rural applications.

With OneSteel Metalcentre providing structural and tubular steel, merchant bar, sheet and plate, mesh, roll-form products, aluminum, the addition of Cyclone’s range of rural fencing, gates and wire means OneSteel Metalcentre offers the full suite of rural steel products.

According to OneSteel Metalcentre’s Complementary Products Manager Kevin Hume, the inclusion of the Cyclone fencing range means that OneSteel Metalcentre is now very much a nationwide one-stop rural steel products shop.

“With access to the iconic Cyclone brand, we are now able to supply an end-to-end rural steel solution regardless of whether you are in Mt. Isa, Orange, or even Whyalla.”

"The other benefit for our rural customers includes the fact that now, OneSteel Metalcentre can supply a very iconic and trusted brand that is made with a proven quality, and one which will perform exactly to what our customers require.”

“This also means that OneSteel Metalcentre is able to give more convenience and value-add to its rural customers, since they can come in and buy all their structural steel products and rural fencing in one go.”

“As Australia’s only truly integrated steel supplier, together with our structural steel range, we provide a competitive rural steel fencing range at an affordable price, offering great value for money all year round.”

Along with those advantages, Kevin said that Cyclone has just released the Cyclone® Zedlock™ - a new type of fencing with a unique knot which has no protruding ends.

“This new type of fencing is becoming more popular because it is designed for easier installation and has the added benefit that it will not harm the animals or damage the quality of their hides or wool and is available in all the popular fencing sizes.”