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Collaboration among Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing teams across three states has kept the Torrens Rail Junction Project in North Adelaide on track.

Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing has successfully scaled up its South Australian operations to meet the demands of the Torrens Rail Junction Project in North Adelaide. The Project stands as a good example of collaboration among teams in different states to innovate and adapt to the challenges presented by a nationally significant infrastructure project.

The works called for the separation of freight and passenger lines at the Torrens Rail Junction. The existing rail junction placed a constraint on the strategically important Adelaide-to-Melbourne rail freight line with freight trains required to yield to passenger trains.

The South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) identified the crossing as an opportunity to improve rail traffic by lowering the passenger line below the interstate rail line. Once complete, the project will also reduce road traffic waiting times at a number of existing rail crossings in the area and allow for upgraded cycling and pedestrian linkages.

Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing Adelaide was engaged by Laing O’Rourke early in 2017 to supply steel for the project. 

Over the course of six months, Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing was contracted to deliver over 3000 tonnes of reinforcing steel. Demand for the steel led to a number of supply and capacity challenges, but the South Australian team worked closely with its counterparts in Victoria and Western Australia to enact a solution.

Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing established a pile cage machine and two cage rotators at a site at South Australia’s Angle Park to assist with production. A second pile cage machine was relocated from Western Australia to manage production in the second stage of the project. Work hours and workforce numbers were also increased to ensure the project was delivered to schedule.

Scaling up production output meant Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing succeeded in delivering all aspects of the project in full and on time, with the last cage delivered to site by mid-September 2017.

Liberty OneSteel’s Tom Bishop said he was proud of the way each of Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing’s teams pulled together to complete the job:

“There were tough times but, ultimately, we rolled up our sleeves and worked together to deliver on the requirements of the project.”

Collaboration among teams in three states
helped deliver the project to schedule

Spiros Tsakonas, Laing O’Rourke Project Director, said he was extremely satisfied that the construction program adhered to its production timeline.

“The Torrens Rail Junction Project was a highly integrated and complex major infrastructure project,” Tsakonas said. “Working in and around live rail corridors (both passenger and freight), main roads, parklands and a local community presented itself with challenges. As an Alliance, we all worked together to overcome these challenges in an open, collaborative and solutions-orientated way. 

“Liberty OneSteel Reinforcing were an essential part of our team. At all times, they worked positively and professionally in a hands-on way. The management and production teams did an excellent job to overcome supply and logistical challenges and delivered.”

The Torrens Rail Junction Project is currently nearing completion, with finishing works now being carried out.

Image courtesy of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI)